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What white collar crimes are typically handled in federal courts?

On Behalf of | Jul 18, 2023 | White Collar Crimes

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You probably feel scared and confused following your arrest on charges that fall under the white collar crime umbrella. Most defendants have no idea what to expect or how the alleged offense will be prosecuted.

Some white collar offenses are handled on the state level, while others are handled in the federal justice system. The venue selected will depend on factors such as the type of crime and its commission, but offenses like those below often end up in federal court.

Medical provider health care fraud

Since health care fraud harms the government and citizens, it is often prosecuted on the federal level, especially if it involves substantial damages. The government aggressively investigates medical provider fraud, such as double billing or charging for services patients never received.

Money laundering

When someone acquires money through unlawful means, it must be “cleaned” before they can use it without causing suspicion. Federal authorities seek prosecution vigorously for those accused of money laundering because of the serious damage it can do to our financial system.

Securities fraud

By now, you may have noticed that federal involvement usually accompanies white collar cases that harm the nation’s economy, and securities fraud is no exception. It is one type of fraud that nearly always attracts the feds and may result in severe penalties upon conviction.

Whether you are a defendant or person of interest in a white collar case, it serves your interests to be sure that you are prepared for both justice systems (state and federal). That way, you stand ready regardless of what court ultimately handles your charges.