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3 DWI myths to avoid

On Behalf of | Jul 19, 2023 | DUI/DWI/Drunk Driving

man driving with cup of coffeeThere is a lot of false information about how to avoid getting a DWI charge. Believing what you read on the web or hear from someone could land you in trouble with the law.

Here are three myths to be wary of:

Myth 1: Coffee makes you sober

Truth: People are frequently under the impression that coffee can alleviate the symptoms of alcohol. It can certainly help you feel more alert when alcohol has made you drowsy but that’s not necessarily a good thing as it may encourage you to drive when you shouldn’t. Coffee and caffeine in general have no effect whatsoever on your blood alcohol concentration (BAC), which is what the police will test for. The only thing that will bring this down is time.

Myth 2: You can pass a breath test with mints

Truth: When asked to take a breath test, some people will try to trick the machine by using mints, gum, breath fresheners, perfume or cologne. However, many of these products contain trace amounts of alcohol, which can raise the BAC reading. Even if they don’t, they still can’t reduce your BAC.

Another way people will try to deceive these devices is by placing a penny in their mouth. The penny is another attempt to reduce a BAC reading that simply will not work.

Myth 3: Field sobriety tests are always accurate

Truth: A field sobriety test is a physical examination to determine how drunk a driver is. There are three standard tests: horizontal nystagmus gaze test, walk-and-turn test and one-legged stand test. The police may conduct these tests to gather more evidence during a traffic stop.

The officers need to use their personal judgment, which may not always be the most accurate. For instance, a physical disability, prescription medication or drowsiness can make it seem as if a driver is inebriated in the eyes of the police when they are not.

Getting accurate information, rather than relying on information from the web or friends will be even more crucial if you face DWI charges.