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When it comes to cocaine and methamphetamine, the government is unrelenting with its aggressive prosecution — always forcefully attempting to stop cocaine imports into the United States from Central America. As such, it is absolutely crucial to partner with the strongest possible criminal defense lawyer. Mark A. Perez is an excellent choice when you need a methamphetamine or cocaine defense attorney in Texas.

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If You’re Facing Meth Charges, You Need A Strong Advocate

In the case of methamphetamine, the Mexican-imported substance is typically viewed as very close to pure, unlike much of the substance that has become an epidemic in the country and rural areas. And because it is sold in bulk and funds are returned to cartels, the trade has grown exponentially and the government views the substance very seriously.

Because of this crackdown, the United States attorney’s office and the district attorney’s office spend an extensive amount of time on these cases and are granted extra funds from the DEA, FBI and other federal organizations. Not only are these types of crimes difficult to defend, but they carry mandatory minimum sentences of 15 years to life and can result in extradition.

At Mark A. Perez, Attorney at Law, we defend clients facing state and federal drug charges, including drug charges in connection with white collar charges such as money laundering.

Mark Perez Is Your Defense Lawyer For Texas Cocaine Charges

I have over 30 years of criminal defense experience and previously worked as a Dallas County district attorney specializing in complex white collar criminal litigation. I combine a comprehensive knowledge of what prosecutors look for in these cases with the investigation skills needed to exploit any weakness in the prosecution’s case and aggressively attack it. I am also adept at seeking out mitigation strategies if an outright dismissal isn’t available, including drug addiction counseling/rehabilitation.

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