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Manufacturing, Delivery and Possession with Intent

As with all drug crimes, manufacturing, delivery and possession with intent to distribute are serious felony charges that carry extremely serious consequences. In the case of some drugs, like meth, some legal chemicals are required for production. Police may arrest truck drivers, pharmacists/pharmacy assistants, lab personnel and other people who are simply in possession with the wrong quantity or combination of these chemicals, even if they have not produced the actual controlled substance.

The Consequences Are Serious, So A Good Lawyer Is Crucial

The potential consequences of conviction change depending on factors, including the drug’s quantity, type of drug, a prior criminal record and whether or not the offense was committed in a school zone. Regardless of the charge, it is critical to reach out to a skilled lawyer as soon as possible. I am Dallas drug manufacturing defense attorney Mark A. Perez, and I have successfully defended many clients against drug crimes charges.

If You’re Facing Texas Drug Delivery Offense Charges, I Can Help

Regardless of the details involved in your charge, I can bring decades of criminal defense experience to investigate all factors involved in your charge and aggressively attack any weakness in the prosecution’s case. If an outright dismissal isn’t possible, I am able to investigate all possibilities for mitigation of consequences and successful plea bargains with the prosecution.

When the situation calls for it, however, I will use my years of litigation experience to provide a hardline criminal defense for you at trial. If you have been charged, I strongly encourage you to get in touch with me as soon as possible to begin aggressively defending your rights.

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