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Understanding Bank Fraud And Securities Fraud Charges

Bank fraud is defined as the use of fraudulent means to obtain money, assets or other property owned or held by a financial institution and is very similar to mortgage fraud or loan fraud. Mortgage or loan fraud is committed when false information is used to obtain a loan. In the typical case, an individual or corporation provides false or misleading information to a lending institution to seek credit or loans.

Wire fraud occurs any time electronic communication is used in fraud. It may include telephone, email or text messaging and could apply to any other type of fraud. More often than not wire fraud is charged with a secondary white collar crime.

Choose A Highly Qualified Bank Fraud Lawyer

Mortgage, bank and wire fraud are extremely serious felony offenses. As with all white collar criminal charges, these are aggressively prosecuted, often involve serious jail time and completely tarnish a professional reputation. If you or a loved one has been charged, it is critical to reach out to our skilled bank fraud attorney immediately.

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I am mortgage fraud lawyer Mark Perez, and I know what it takes to defend you effectively. Combined with my experience as a Dallas County district attorney specializing in white collar cases, I can bring over 30 years of experience in complex criminal litigation to help you aggressively defend against these charges.

I am able to undertake the comprehensive discovery that these cases demand to find any weakness in the prosecution’s case and aggressively attack it. When these options aren’t available, I am able to look toward any and all possible mitigation actions to arrive at a best possible outcome when a conviction is inevitable.

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