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It is not an overstatement to say that a criminal charge puts your life on the line. At the very least, it causes substantial inconvenience. In a worst-case scenario, it can result in decades of incarceration or a death sentence. Because your life, liberty and health are the most important things you have, it is critical to partner with the most skilled lawyer you can find to aggressively defend you and work toward an ideal outcome.

Texas Drug Offense Lawyer

I am Mark A. Perez, and I am committed to bringing more than two decades of criminal defense experience to aggressively defend against any charge you are facing and help you work toward an ideal outcome. My criminal defense experience is unrivaled and my approach is well respected within the legal community and deeply appreciated by clients. Because I practice criminal law exclusively and have worked as a Dallas County district attorney, I have a comprehensive understanding of how prosecutors and judges think and can successfully negotiate a plea when an outright dismissal isn't possible. When the case calls for it, however, I will use my years of courtroom experience to provide a hard-line criminal defense for you at trial.

I want to point out that when clients call me, I listen. This might be taken for granted, but there are many practicing attorneys who immediately discuss money. In a free initial consultation, I analyze the case and explain how the process will work, all the way from arrest to jury trial or negotiation. I will never make any rash decisions, but it's always my goal to empower clients to make an informed and comfortable decision based on the available facts at hand.

If you have been charged, I understand you may have serious questions about your future and liberty, and I am here to do whatever I can to let you know all the options before we work together toward an ideal outcome in your case.

I am committed to taking my approach to work on any case at either the state or federal level.

Se habla español.

To discuss any criminal law issue with Dallas criminal defense lawyer Mark A. Perez, P.C., call 214-646-1557 or e-mail.

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