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Internet Sex Crime Defense Attorney

If you or a loved one is facing a computer-related sex criminal charge, it is critical to immediately begin defending your rights by obtaining the advice and representation of the most experienced defense attorney you can find. I am defense lawyer Mark Perez, and I represent individuals facing Internet sex crimes in Dallas, Texas, and the surrounding area.

Internet-related sex crimes are incredibly sensitive and can be confusing and/or overwhelming. An experienced attorney is almost always the necessary advocate.

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Are You Facing Child Pornography Charges?

I am able to take my comprehensive criminal law experience honed in over 30 years of practice to reach out to professional investigators, computer experts and other specialists to fully investigate the evidence involved in your charge and attack any weakness in a prosecution’s case. Because I worked as a district attorney in Dallas County specializing in complex criminal litigation, I have a full understanding of how to comprehensively investigate these cases and put forth the strongest possible defense.

I am ready to work on cases involving:

  • Possession of child pornography
  • Downloading/transmitting child pornography over the Internet
  • Online solicitation of prostitution
  • Child solicitation
  • Internet stalking or harassment

Respectful, Discreet And Nonjudgmental Legal Counsel

As with all sex crimes, I have a deep understanding of how sensitive the issues are and how important it is to be discreet. I will do everything possible, from initial confidential consultation through to resolution, to keep things as quiet as possible as the case develops.

To discuss your Internet sex crimes charges, or any other criminal charges you may be facing, schedule a free initial consultation. Call Mark A. Perez, Attorney at Law, today at 214-646-1557 or contact me online. Se habla español.