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Experienced Defense Attorney Handling Sex Crime Charges

Every sex crime charge has its own unique issues and challenges, but each and every one carries a serious impact on someone’s life if convicted. A serious stigma is attached to even an accusation. This is in addition to the extreme severity involved in immediate consequences (mandatory prison and sex offender registration).

I am Dallas sex crimes defense lawyer Mark A. Perez, and I understand the gravity of these situations. I am committed to bringing over 30 years of complex criminal litigation experience to aggressively defend you and help you move toward a best possible outcome.

You Deserve An Effective And Experienced Attorney

As an attorney, I am ready to work on cases involving:

  • Sexual assault/rape: Whether your situation involves date rape, statutory rape or aggravated assault, I can develop an effective defense strategy.
  • Sexual assault of a child: It is important to seek legal help immediately in order to protect your reputation and your rights.
  • Indecency with/injury to a child: While this is a lesser charge than sexual assault, it can still involve a mandatory minimum sentence.
  • Internet sex crimes: This may include online harassment, solicitation or charges relating to child pornography.
  • Indecent exposure and public lewdness: As an experienced lawyer, I can mitigate damage to your record if an acquittal isn’t possible.

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What Is At Stake

Unfortunately in sex crime cases, knowing you are innocent is not the same as being able to prove it. Even if you know you did not commit any crime, you cannot afford to take any chances with your future by trying to defend your rights on your own.

The consequences of a sex crime conviction in Texas depend on whether the charges are for a first or second-degree felony. A second-degree offense can have a fine of up to $10,000 and time in a state prison of up to 20 years. A first-degree offense can also have the same fine, but the prison time can last as long as 99 years.

My Defense Strategies

What makes these charges especially problematic, particularly when they involve children, is that the victims tend to be extremely sympathetic. The public is inclined to find these children credible, asking why the children would make up such stories. As such, these cases can be very problematic.

The real challenge is to unearth any kind of inconsistency, attack the credibility of the children in a way that doesn’t offend by showing they are being coached or have ulterior motives and make a jury understand that the children didn’t correctly perceive this.

Discreet And Nonjudgmental Representation

I have extensive experience in building these cases for litigation to aggressively protect my clients’ rights and attack the prosecution’s case, and I am ready to do the same for you.

Se habla español. For effective, knowledgeable and aggressive defense against date rape charges and other sex crimes, you can rely on Mark A. Perez, Attorney at Law, I am proud to serve Dallas, Texas, and the surrounding areas. Call 214-646-1557 or contact me online to schedule a free consultation.