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Petition for Nondisclosure

What Is An Order of Nondisclosure?

Sealing your past criminal record in Texas so it is not accessible for public inspection is called an Order of Nondisclosure or a Petition of Nondisclosure. An Order of Nondisclosure prevents the release of your criminal prosecution and criminal arrest records to the general public, for example schools, employers, credit agencies and your landlord.

If you have completed your probation, your Texas criminal record is still publicly available. And if you don’t qualify for expunction, an Order of Nondisclosure may work for you. Once your Dallas criminal records have been sealed by an Order of Nondisclosure, it is possible to deny the existence of any charges, arrests and probation. Contact me, Dallas criminal attorney Mark Perez, to see if you qualify.

Is There A Waiting Period? Which Offenses Qualify?

Order of Nondisclosure is a legal procedure that can be issued for felonies and misdemeanors for sealing criminal record. However, certain crimes like indecent exposure, assault, unlawfully carrying a weapon and others require a five-year waiting period. There are some offenses that do not qualify for an Order of Nondisclosure. For more information about Order of Nondisclosure contact Dallas criminal attorney Mark Perez.

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