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Attorney For Parole Hearings

Attorney For Parole Hearings

Parole is the restricted early discharge from jail or prison after part of one’s sentence has been carried out and supervision is required. This action depends on the offender’s success in showing compliance to the regulations and rules of the jail or prison, and his or her ability to comply with the laws of our society. If you are up for parole in the Dallas area, it is a good idea to choose an experienced lawyer to represent you.

I’m On Your Side

I am Dallas criminal defense lawyer Mark A. Perez. I have over 30 years of experience, and I began my legal career as a Dallas County district attorney. I use this knowledge and experience to consider cases from both sides, which allows me to develop strong defense strategies for my clients.

When you work with me, I’ll take the time to listen to your story and develop a strategy that is tailored to your goals and needs. The parole process may be complex and intimidating, but I can guide you through the process and explain your options, so you’ll always know what to expect in parole hearings. I can represent clients charged with any offense, including drug crimes and white collar crimes.

What Happens At A Parole Hearing?

At a parole hearing, the members of the parole board will decide whether to let you out on parole, or to revoke or shorten your parole. They will evaluate a number of factors to make a risk assessment, and assign you a Parole Guidelines Score. You are not entitled to representation at these hearings, but it is certainly helpful to have an attorney to represent you. I can present your case clearly and effectively — I will use my knowledge and experience to convey your good behavior and persuade the parole board that you will not be a risk to the community if paroled.

Contact The Best — An Experienced Texas Criminal Lawyer

A parole hearing is your chance to rejoin the wider community and start your life again. For a free consultation to discuss how I can effectively represent you at your parole hearing, call Mark A. Perez, Attorney at Law, at 214-646-1557 or send me an email. Se habla español.