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Expungement of A Criminal Record In Texas

Do you have a criminal record you would like to put behind you? Expungement is usually associated with the elimination or sealing of legal criminal records. To move ahead with your life following an arrest or conviction, you will need to hire a top Dallas criminal attorney to get your record clear. I am Dallas criminal defense attorney Mark Perez, and I can help you get an expungement.

What Is An Expungement?

In a general sense, expungement can be understood as being a process to make the records regarding a case disallowed from general review. In other words, it may make it possible to have your record sealed. After you are granted an expungement, you are allowed to tell potential employers or anyone else that you have a clean criminal record. However, Dallas criminal records can still be accessed by police in some cases — for example, they can have an impact on sentencing if you commit another offense.

Am I Eligible for an Expungement?

In Texas, expungements may be granted if you were arrested but:

  • You were acquitted of the crime.
  • The charges against you were dropped or your case was dismissed.
  • You were convicted but later granted a pardon.

Even if you did nothing wrong, having an arrest on your record can make it difficult to find a good job. An expungement doesn’t usually remove unpardoned convictions, but in that case you may be eligible for a petition for nondisclosure. Special conditions apply to certain sex crime offenses, in which cases the court may not agree to expunge record.

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