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Your visa and your wedding: Removing the conditions of status

While most brides and grooms have many details to iron out before the big day, your situation may have been even more complex. Marrying a U.S. citizen or green card holder involved immigration issues that you needed to resolve before you could come to the U.S. and begin your new life. One of the most important steps you had to take was to obtain your conditional residential status.

White collar criminal charges: Times have changed

Whether you work for a small or large company or you are an entrepreneur or a businessperson, you are no doubt aware of the fraud, corruption and embezzlement scandals that have made headlines in recent years. While big news stories involve government agencies and the business world, you may be more concerned about what will happen with your own case if you have been charged or you are being investigated for white-collar offenses.

Threatened with removal? This information may be helpful

Whether you've been living and working in Texas for more than a decade or just recently arrived here from your country of origin, you have probably heard horror stories about people being torn apart from their loved ones and placed in detention centers. You may understand the fear and anxiety that can come with being an immigrant in the United States. Even if you work hard, pay your taxes and obey the law, you may still worry about possible deportation.

Your green card may not save you if you are convicted of a crime

As an immigrant living in Texas, you may have experienced numerous challenges and stresses since you arrived in the United States. Perhaps you've already overcome several obstacles in the process of obtaining your green card. But even if your resident status is good, you may still be at risk of removal from the country under certain circumstances. As a non-citizen, you remain subject to all U.S. immigration laws, including those pertaining to deportation.

Overcoming H1B visa problems in Texas

It would be nice to think that if you wanted to live and work in the United States by means of an H1B visa, you could simply fill out an application, wait a week or so, gain approval, then pick up and move to America. If you've ever dealt with U.S. immigration law, in particular the visa process, you likely know that little scenario is typically far from reality. Many people face tremendous challenges when attempting to request lawful entrance to the U.S.

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