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Running from the police will not help 

On Behalf of | May 22, 2024 | Criminal Defense

Being stopped by the police can be an intimidating experience, particularly if there is any accusation that you have broken the law. In situations like this, it is not uncommon for the fight or flight response to kick in. Nonetheless, you must manage this. 

It is definitely not advisable to become confrontational with officers, and the same can be said for attempting to run away. You can be cooperative while not sacrificing any of your legal rights. 

Why shouldn’t you run from the police? 

It is potentially dangerous 

The most important reason not to run from the police is it has the potential to jeopardize your safety. You could run into the road and be hit by a vehicle, or, you may suffer a very nasty fall. The chances of outrunning the police are extremely slim. They have resources such as helicopters, K9 units and databases. Even if you get away for a short period, they will catch up with you in the end. 

It’s possible that you could have walked away 

While it is difficult, it is important to exercise patience when interacting with police officers. Police officers are entitled to talk to you and stop you if they have a reasonable suspicion that an offense has been committed, but they need more evidence to arrest you. After a brief conversation, you may have been entitled to walk away. But, by running, you may provide the police with the probable cause they need to make an arrest. 

Evading arrest is a separate offense 

Finally, running from the police could result in a completely separate charge. It is illegal to try to prevent the police from conducting their lawful duties, and this includes running away. An individual who runs could find themselves facing charges that stick, even if the original suspicions of the officers are dropped. 

When facing criminal charges of any nature, it is essential to have as much legal information about potential defenses as possible.