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A K-1 visa can help your partner immigrate to the United States

On Behalf of | Apr 13, 2023 | Immigration

A K-1 visa can help your partner immigrate to the United States

If you are in a committed relationship with a foreign national, a K-1 visa can help you realize your dream of living together as a family in the United States. This type of visa, commonly referred to as a fiancé visa, permits a foreigner to enter the U.S. for marriage.

Once you’re married, your spouse can apply for a green card and become a permanent resident of the United States. Here is what you should know about finance visas.

The eligibility requirements for a fiance visa

Like all other visas, you must fulfill a raft of requirements to be eligible for a K-1 visa. First, the sponsoring spouse must be a U.S. citizen. A permanent resident cannot sponsor their partner for a fiance visa.

Second, you must both be legally free to marry each other. In other words, you must be unmarried or lawfully divorced before applying for a K-1 visa.

Third, you must prove your relationship is valid. You can do this by presenting communication records or pictures. In addition, you must have physically met at least once in the two years preceding your application for a fiance visa unless such a meeting is impractical or would result in extreme hardship.

Lastly, you must submit a signed document stating that you intend to marry within 90 days of your partner’s arrival in the U.S. The sponsoring partner must also meet income requirements to support the beneficiary financially. Tax returns and pay stubs are some of the financial documents that can provide evidence that you have the means to provide for the household.

Get help with your fiancé visa application

Mistakes with your application for a K-1 visa can considerably delay or derail your efforts which can be rather frustrating. Therefore, it helps to have the necessary guidance and information to increase your chances of a successful outcome.