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What does drug paraphernalia mean in Texas?

On Behalf of | Dec 9, 2022 | Drug Crimes

It can be confusing and overwhelming if you face drug charges in Texas. Because of what’s at stake, you must understand the charges and potential penalties. 

In Texas, drug offenses can take on several forms, with some resulting in more serious federal charges. While you may realize that manufacturing or trafficking drugs can result in significant consequences, you may not realize that possessing even a small amount of some drugs or drug paraphernalia can result in life-changing penalties. 

According to the law, charges related to the possession or sale of drug paraphernalia can have serious consequences. Learn more about what drug paraphernalia is here. 

Drug paraphernalia according to Texas statutes

Several materials are considered drug paraphernalia in the Texas Constitution and Statutes. For example, you can be charged with possessing drug paraphernalia if you’re found with items used for cultivating, growing, harvesting or cultivating any illegal drug. Also, items used for manufacturing, preparing, concealing, storing, processing and testing drugs are considered drug paraphernalia in Texas. 

Additionally, you can face drug paraphernalia charges if you are found with items used for injecting, inhaling or ingesting drugs. This means that anything from little baggies and food-grade scales to syringes and pipes can be the basis for a criminal charge. The charges for drug paraphernalia can be on top of any related drug charges.

Potential penalties for drug paraphernalia charges in Texas

Several factors impact the potential penalties you will face if charged with drug paraphernalia possession. Some cases are charged as misdemeanors; however, it is possible to face felony charges. Consequences of a conviction include significant fines, jail time and the impact of this charge on your reputation. 

If you are facing drug charges, of any type, in Texas, it is important to know your rights and work to build a strong legal defense. This will help you achieve the best possible outcome for the charges you are facing.