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Are white collar crimes addressed on the state or federal level?

On Behalf of | Oct 18, 2022 | White Collar Crimes

Most white collar crimes are federal-level offenses because they usually cross state lines. For example, wire fraud involves financial crimes using telecommunications technology, which stretches across invisible barriers (including state lines).

Although these offenses are non-violent, they are prosecuted aggressively in most cases. If you are unsure whether you actually committed the crime you’re accused of, learning about white collar offenses can help you make sense of your circumstances. Let’s look at a few examples.

Theft of intellectual property

You borrowed a big company’s branding materials (such as a logo) with the intent to alter them for your business needs. It seems like a small offense, but intellectual property (IP) theft is considered a serious crime. Examples of IP offenses include stealing company trade secrets and hacking computer networks.

Laundering criminal proceeds

You took a gamble on an invitation to earn some extra money, but you inadvertently got involved in a money laundering scheme. A conviction for laundering money nearly aways leads to prison time and other consequences. If something sounds too good to be true, it could be a criminal operation.

Corporate fraud schemes

If you always do what your boss tells you without question, you might find yourself embroiled in a corporate fraud scheme. Some examples of corporate fraud include:

  • Falsifying financial information
  • Insider trading on the stock market
  • Misusing company property for gain
  • False corporate accounting activities

You will benefit from a solid criminal defense against corporate fraud charges, whether your alleged conduct was accidental or on purpose.

All white collar crimes require an immediate and proactive approach to avoid harsh penalties during Texas or federal-level criminal proceedings.