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Texas can charge you for sending unsolicited nudes

On Behalf of | Apr 19, 2022 | Sex Crimes

Social media and mobile phones have made finding a new romantic partner faster than ever before in human history. With a few taps, you can start connecting to people who have the same relationship goals that you do, whether those goals involve marriage or a short-term fling. Then you have to really pique their interest. 

When people want to express their interest in another person over an electronic medium, they might make use of their digital camera to send some provocative photos of themselves. Sending images that are attractive can increase your prospective partner’s interest in you. 

However, sending nude pictures of your genitals without their express interest could lead to criminal charges. 

Texas has criminalized sending nude images without consent

It is illegal for someone to run up to someone else in public and expose their genitals, but the same rule doesn’t apply in digital spaces. Texas lawmakers addressed this discrepancy between digital rules and real-world rules by making digital flashing or unsolicited nude images criminal. 

Under current Texas laws, those accused of sending nude photos to someone else without the recipients can sense could have their actions reported to the police. They will face Class C misdemeanor charges. The results could be a $500 fine. The dating app or social media platform involved in the situation could also permanently ban the individual accused of sending those unsolicited images. 

Waiting until someone asks before sharing nude or explicit images will help you avoid running afoul of the law. Understanding when flirtatious behavior crosses the line and becomes a sex crime can help those dating in Texas avoid allegations of misconduct.