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You have been falsely accused of child sexual assault

On Behalf of | Dec 24, 2021 | Sex Crimes

You opened the door recently to find two uniformed police officers on your doorstep. When you asked how you could help them, they floored you by saying that you had been accused of sexually assaulting at least one of your children.

At the police station, you tried to defend yourself. You showed frustration when they didn’t believe what you were saying.

How do you defend yourself against a false sexual assault allegation?

First, learn about the types of sexual assault of children. These are:

Even though you know you have never sexually assaulted your children, you may still find that people look at and treat you differently. Such accusations make people leery of those who have been accused. Knowing the charges are false may make things worse for you.

You may learn that your ex-spouse wants full custody of your children

You and your spouse may be involved in a messy child custody fight. After a supervised visit with your children, you learn that your spouse may have convinced one of your children to say that you have sexually assaulted them.

While you are understandably angry, do not contact your spouse. In criminal court hearings, do not ever admit to committing sexual crimes against your children. You know the accusations are false.

Streps to take to protect yourself against falls allegations

Protect yourself in future visits with your children. In discussions with law enforcement, try to control your emotional reactions, especially anger. If your case gets to court, your loss of control may be used against you.

Ask authorities about child sexual assault accusations so you are able to learn as much as possible. Above all, do not give up. Clearing your name and retaining custody may be one of the most important things you do.