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What is sextortion?

On Behalf of | Dec 9, 2020 | Criminal Defense

In Texas, the advent of modern technology has made it easier than ever for people to extort and blackmail their victims. For example, people might use explicit photos to make demands from individuals. They might claim that they’ll release the photos to the public if the individual doesn’t comply. Even if these are empty threats, the victim usually doesn’t want to take the chance.

What is sextortion?

Sex crimes like “sextortion” involve requesting or stealing explicit photos of an individual and then using these photos to blackmail them. Often, the perpetrators don’t actually have access to explicit photos, but they’re banking on the victim’s fear of having explicit photos released to the public.

According to experts, the most common victims are underage women and wealthy men. People looking for money typically target older men. Some people also use sextortion to get revenge on romantic partners who have broken up with them. Others use explicit photos to keep their partner from leaving an abusive relationship. Whatever the case, this crime takes advantage of vulnerable people and preys on their fears of shame and embarrassment.

Sextortion can carry harsh punishments that follow an offender for a lifetime. If you’ve been accused of sextortion, your best course of action may be to hire a criminal defense attorney. If convicted, you might be looking at large fines and even jail time.

How might an attorney help you if you’ve been accused of a sex crime?

An attorney may work to protect you from false accusations and prevent your reputation from being irreparably damaged. Your attorney might be able to point out flaws and inconsistencies in the story that suggest the other party isn’t telling the truth. If this is the case, your charges may be dismissed.