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Computer crimes becoming increasingly popular in Texas

On Behalf of | Nov 17, 2020 | Criminal Defense

In 2018, the FBI released an Internet Crime Report that revealed that over 300,000 cybercrime-related complaints are made each year by those living in Texas and across the country. This number is expected to increase as a growing number of people are conducting their businesses and financial and personal lives via technology.

Although there are many ways that computers and technology can be used to commit crimes, some of the most frequent ways include:

• Accessing a computer, network or system without authorization

• Contaminating a computer or system with a virus

• Using a computer to commit fraud

• Stealing information about a computer user or provider

• Cyberbullying

• Committing sex crimes

• Using encryption to help commit a crime

One of the best methods for preventing computer crimes is by taking steps to safeguard information. Become informed and learn more about wire fraud and the signs of fraudulent behavior. The FBI has a website where users can submit possible scams and fraud attempts they encounter while online. They also post known scams. Be aware of possible scams and what can be done about fraud attempts. It’s also important to never post personal information on social media websites, to use sophisticated passwords and to install security programs on all computers and devices.

The legal system often imposes strict penalties on those found guilty of committing computer and cybercrimes. It can be difficult to determine the correct course of action when accused of a cybercrime. An attorney with experience in technology crimes may be the best way to build a solid defense. A federal criminal defense lawyer may examine the case and determine what the best next step is in the situation. He or she can also help ensure that the prosecution doesn’t overstep any of the accused’s rights during the course of a trial.