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Becoming a U.S. citizen can provide many benefits

On Behalf of | Dec 31, 2018 | Immigration

Individuals who come to the United States have different immigration status options. If they plan to stay temporarily or for a specific purpose, they may only need to obtain the applicable visa. Of course, some individuals may come to the country on a visa and later want to live here permanently.

You may have first come to the U.S. on a temporary visa but subsequently seek to obtain legal permanent residency. Perhaps you have decided to stay in this country, live your life and raise your family, and you want to do so through legal means, which is why you obtained your green card. However, more recently, you may have thought about taking your immigration status a step further and becoming a naturalized citizen.

Benefits of citizenship

You may not have fully committed to the idea of becoming a citizen because you know it is a long and difficult process. However, if you do complete naturalization proceedings, you may enjoy several benefits you won’t have as a green card holder, such as:

  • As a citizen, you would have a greater priority when it comes to petitioning to bring family members into the country.
  • You could obtain the ability to vote in political elections.
  • You would become eligible for federal jobs.
  • You would have the privilege of running for elected office.
  • If you traveled outside the country and had a child, that child might automatically obtain U.S. citizenship.
  • You could travel with a U.S. passport, which means you could receive help from the U.S. government while abroad if you need it.

This list shows just a few benefits of successfully completing the naturalization process.

Seeking help

As mentioned, pursuing U.S. citizenship can be long and difficult. However, you do not have to start or complete any part of this journey on your own. You can get help by hiring an immigration attorney. This legal ally can help you understand the naturalization process, the steps you need to take, how to avoid mistakes and additional benefits that could be yours as a citizen of the United States.