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What Will A Trump Presidency Mean For Your Immigration Case?

On Behalf of | Nov 16, 2016 | Immigration

Many people on both sides of the 2016 presidential election were surprised by the result. Some Americans are concerned about what a Trump presidency could mean for an immigration matter that affects them and their families.

Are you or a loved one facing deportation or removal in relation to immigration status or a criminal matter? Are you concerned about a visa or your Green Card? Will your immigration case be affected by a change in the White House?

What Could Change When Donald Trump Becomes President?

During a particularly bitter campaign, immigration issues were debated and discussed by the presidential candidates and by millions of other Americans. Donald Trump made promises to deport millions of people, build a wall on the Mexican border and monitor Muslims. But what will actually change after January 20?

The answers are elusive. Some people have immigration concerns related to:

  • Whether they can be deported for a minor criminal offense
  • Whether they or their family members will be targeted because of their status
  • Visas, paperwork and deadlines
  • What possible changes in the law might affect their rights

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