An Experienced Dallas Drug Crime Defense Lawyer

Each type of drug charge has its own unique variables. While the variables and approach may differ depending on the charge and defendant, it is always necessary to approach them with a comprehensive understanding of the law, a tireless work ethic and tested experience.

These are the attributes I bring to the table in cases involved with drug defense, and I am committed to bringing them to yours.

Do You Need A Texas Drug Possession Attorney?

As Dallas drug crime defense attorney, I combine nearly a quarter century of criminal defense experience with a hands-on approach. I will aggressively defend you if you or a loved one has been charged with:

With drugs involving:

It's important to realize that if an immigrant, legal or otherwise, is convicted of one of these charges, it can easily get them deported. Citizenship/residency will be denied — the ability to become a citizen is almost always destroyed if there is a drug or sex conviction on a criminal record. When you need a lawyer who understands this situation and speaks your language, I'm here to help — Se habla español.

The Stakes Are High, So Choose A Highly Qualified Lawyer

Many of these charges have a minimum two-year prison sentence. If someone does not have a criminal record it may be possible to get probation or mitigate consequences by seeking out drug rehabilitation/treatment programs or other options.

Because of the severity of these charges, I encourage you to reach out as soon as possible to begin aggressively protecting your rights. To schedule your free initial consultation with Mark A. Perez, P.C., call 214-646-1557 or email me.